How To Connect Onn Soundbar To TV

Soundbars are a great way to add audio to your home theater system. They provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy high-quality sound from your favorite movies, music, or games.

The Onn Soundbar is the perfect solution for those who want to connect their television to their existing surround sound speakers.

How To Connect Onn Soundbar To TV

The Onn Soundbar can connect to your TV to make the sound from the shows or movies you watch much better. There are multiple ways to connect the Onn soundbar to the TV.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through some ways to connect the Onn soundbar to the TV. 

What Is A Soundbar? 

A soundbar is basically a speaker that connects directly to your TV. It provides you with a very good quality stereo experience.

You don’t need any extra equipment to use it. The best part about using a soundbar is that you get to enjoy all the benefits of having a surround sound system without needing to buy additional equipment.

Connect To The TV By Bluetooth

One of the easiest ways to connect the Onn soundbar to the TV is to connect it by Bluetooth. In order to do this, you need to make sure the TV is able to connect to devices by Bluetooth.

If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth then you will need to purchase a separate adapter that allows you to connect your soundbar via Bluetooth.

Once you have done this you can simply pair them together. This process should be pretty simple as long as both devices support Bluetooth.

A good tip to remember is to keep your soundbar and your TV close to each other so that the soundbar is able to locate the TV Bluetooth when scanning for devices. 

If you are having trouble recognizing whether the soundbar Bluetooth is on then all you have to do is look at the LED light. If the LED light is blue then it is ready to pair with a device. 

Connect To The TV With HDMI Lead

Another option is to connect your soundbar to the TV with an HDMI lead. The advantage of connecting the soundbar by HDMI is that you don’t have to worry about pairing them together.

However, if you plan on doing this then you will need to make sure that your TV has an HDMI port.

The only downside to connecting your Onn soundbar by HDMI lead is that you cannot place the soundbar anywhere in the room. 

The great thing about this way of connecting the TV and Onn soundbar is that the Onn soundbar can be used with different types of cables, for example, an AUX cord.

In order to make the connection, you need to have an HDMI cable that is not faulty. If your HDMI cable needs to be twisted in a certain position to make the connection, this will only work temporarily. 

After you have your cable you need to connect it to the HDMI In port on the Onn soundbar. The other side of the cable will be connected to the HDMI Out port on the TV you want to connect to. 

When you have successfully connected the cables all you need to do is change your TV’s settings.

You need to go to your audio settings and make sure the audio is being played out of the HDMI connection rather than the speakers from the TV.

The way you change the audio settings varies depending on the TV you have. 

Connect To TV By AUX Cable

A third method of connecting your Onn soundbar to the TV is by using an AUX cable.

Connecting the Onn soundbar to the TV through an AUX cable is one of the simplest ways to connect the TV. All you have to do is get an AUX cable. 

After you have acquired an AUX cable you need to find the AUX port on your TV. This should be near the location of the HDMI port.

Then find the AUX port on the Onn soundbar. Connect the cable into the TV port first and then into the Onn soundbar port. 

Once everything is connected you need to change the audio settings on your TV so that the sound is being played through the connection with the AUX cable, rather than the built-in speakers on your TV. 

Final Thoughts

Soundbars are becoming more popular every day. They are perfect for watching movies or listening to music while sitting down.  The Onn soundbar allows you to have high-quality audio when watching your favorite shows.

Connecting this soundbar to your TV has never been easier. We hope that the options we showed work for your TV and that you are confident about connecting the TV to the Onn soundbar. Thank you for reading!  

Anita Jones