How Do I Connect My Samsung Soundbar To Bluetooth?

If you are going to buy the best soundbar under 300, then you must know how to connect it. Soundbar, especially the Samsung soundbar could provide you with the ultimate benefit of the room filling audio and of course, the crisp clarity.

Though, if you want to buy some other brands of the best soundbar for Samsung tv then probably, you need to understand the connectivity process. Here, in this article, we will show you the easiest steps of connecting Samsung tv soundbar within your first attempt, no need to learn instructions and other guides at all, just read our steps below and connect your Samsung surround sound bar easily.

Connecting Samsung Soundbar Bluetooth:

Here are the benefits to connect best Samsung soundbar around your tv and enjoy the chilling and rich bass sound. When you connect the Samsung soundbar optical cable method, you may find the less bass and studio benefits by which you may go through with less audio clarity and crispiness.

But when you connect it with the help of a Bluetooth, you may find the clearness and the maximum sound quality.

However, down below are mention steps to how to connect Samsung soundbar Bluetooth tv:

  • You need to pick up the remote of your soundbar and press on the button “source.”
  • Then you need to pair the BT ready while holding the source of “BT READY” for about 6 seconds.
  • Now, you need to go to your TV speaker menu and choose “Bluetooth audio.”
  • Now, select your Samsung soundbar Bluetooth name within your TV and enjoy the audio ahead.
  • That could be the possible and easy steps for people who don’t know how to connect Samsung soundbar Bluetooth.

How to connect Samsung soundbar to Bluetooth subwoofer?

So, you both have devices such as a soundbar and a woofer and both have come with a built-in Bluetooth source, right? And now, you need to connect them for better sound quality, isn’t it? Then the steps are so simple and easy for the connection.

  • At first, you need to connect the woofer with your soundbar with the help of cable wire.
  • Now, when you see the connection has been made perfectly, switch your steps to connect the soundbar to your TV.
  • Just press the button “source” on your soundbar remote by which you can able to connect the bar to the TV.
  • Then, you will see “BT READY” in this step you have to hold the source for about the next 6 seconds.
  • Now, you can see the pairing window where you need to pair your soundbar to the TV.
  • Once the pairing the done, open the soundbar and woofer and enjoy the sound with lots of better bass and clear sound.

However, these steps are quite easy for those people who still don’t know and keep asking about how to connect Samsung soundbar via Bluetooth. That’s why we have shown you all the possible ways to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

How to connect Samsung soundbar to laptop Bluetooth?

So, you want to connect your Samsung soundbar with your laptop but don’t need to connect them with a wiring mess, right? Well, you can easily connect the soundbar to your laptop without any issue, follow up the steps below and get ready to enjoy your audio time with full room chilling clarity.

  • So, you need to open your laptop and soundbar device at the same time.
  • I am now searching for the Bluetooth pairing option while pressing the button “source” on soundbar’s remote.
  • Meanwhile, you need to open the Bluetooth of your laptop.
  • Now, follow the same rules of connecting which you followed in connection with TV.
  • Once, you see the pairing name of soundbar in the laptop’s Bluetooth, connect it.
  • Now, you are free from all wires and mess, listen your audio with 1000 times better sound quality via Samsung soundbar.

How to connect Samsung Bluetooth soundbar to LG smart tv?

Now, that’s another tricky method which we will show you down so that you can easily connect the soundbar to any other TVs without any hassle or issue.

  • Do you know? Just with the help of “sound sync” in your LG TV can make you able to connect any soundbar with it.
  • Pick up your LG TV remote and click on “home button.”
  • Now, click on the “settings.”
  • First click “sound on,” then “sound out.”
  • Then you need to change the overall settings from “TV speakers” to “Sound Sync wireless” option.
  • Press “device selection,” by which the LG TV start is searching for the compatible Bluetooth devices.
  • Meanwhile, turn on the Samsung soundbar Bluetooth option (same as we mentioned above).
  • Connect the pairing and enjoy wireless audio.

Final Words:

Well, having a soundbar in your life can make your life easier and so comfortable, because you don’t need to plug the wires, again and again, make a set up for them separately, and all those wire messes. That’s why choosing the best Samsung soundbar could be a real benefit for you to enjoy your music and other audio perfectly with no mess.

Anita Jones