Is LG Soundbar Not Loud Enough? [Quick Fix Guide]

So you just got an LG soundbar, and now you’re wondering why it’s not loud enough? It can be frustrating when all you want is to go loud and proud.

Well, it turns out that there are a few reasons for this problem, and we will cover them in this post. We will also explain different options to fix your low volume issue on your LG TV and soundbar.

Keep reading to find out.

Why is my LG TV sound so low?

Whether you’ve got a new LG TV or an old one, it’s common to experience low sound from TV speakers. It gets more annoying when you can’t increase the volume with your TV remote. To get more sound quality out of your LG TV, here are some steps to solve the issue:

Check your LG Remote Batteries

The best place to start is to check your remote batteries. Some functions can fail when the batteries are failing. But if you have good batteries, the next step is to check a connected device.

Check Blu-Ray Player

Sometimes the problem is your Blu-Ray player connected to the TV. To confirm this, change to a normal TV channel and see if the volume is normal.

If the problem is with your player, you need to adjust the system setting. Most Blu-Ray players use the center channel to produce dialogue. But your LG TV may only have a left and right channel. Go into the audio settings of the player and change your audio track.

Check TV Settings

You may experience low sound because of your TV settings. Most LG TVs run WebOS, which can affect the output from your TV. To solve this:

  • Navigate to “Settings” with your remote.
  • Select “All Settings” and then “Sound.”
  • Press on “Sound Mode” and toggle between “Clear Voice” and “Standard.”
  • Next, press on “Volume Mode” and toggle off the Auto volume option.
  • You should be able to control TV volume levels.

And that’s it. Now, try a sound test with any movie or music.

Update LG TV Software

When in doubt, a software update is your best bet. LG rolls out occasional updates for its WebOS. Updating your software can get rid of any bugs in your system. Do a quick sound test after the update.

Why is my LG Soundbar not Louder?

If your LG soundbar model is not loud enough, it is because of the volume levels of your soundbar and TV. It can also be that your soundbar uses an auto volume mode to control audio settings.

One easy fix is turning off your soundbar and increasing your TV volume with your TV remote control. This will not affect the volume of your soundbar. Keep in mind that there might be a loud noise when you push the power button.

Now that the TV volume is up, turn on your soundbar with the power button. You can then adjust the soundbar volume to the proper level.

To prevent this issue from happening again, use a universal remote for both devices.

What if I’m still experiencing low volume on the LG soundbar?

Sometimes a soft reset is what you need to fix your issue. Turn off your soundbar and unplug from the wall outlet to fix this issue. Disconnect your other cables and reconnect them after two minutes. This should complete your reset.

It is also good practice to install the latest firmware update. You can download this from LG’s website.

How do I make my LG Sound Bar louder?

There are various options to make your LG soundbar louder than it already is. It could be that some Tv settings need changing. Or you need to adjust room acoustics.

To improve the sound quality from your soundbar, try these options:

Adjust TV Setting

If you experience low volume, you can always work some magic within “TV settings.” It can be that your LG TV is still using its default speakers. Or that the audio needs some calibration. You can correct this within your settings.

Go into “audio settings” and choose your soundbar as your speaker of choice. If your soundbar is connected via HDMI cable, you must select that port. But if you use a wireless connection, ensure that there is a proper connection. You can do this under “connected devices.”

Change Room Acoustics

Still not getting the best sound? Try changing up the acoustics in your room. This way, you can get the most sound out of your setup.

There are different ways to improve room acoustics. You can switch your rugs or furniture to hear clearer audio. You can also consider installing soundproofing equipment.

By improving room acoustics, your soundbar will be able to reach its full potential. For you, this means a clearer and louder sound.

Get Additional Speakers for your Sound System

For this one, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Adding more speakers can remove pressure from your soundbar. It can also allow you to create a surround sound experience.

Want something more? Throw a subwoofer into the mix for better low frequencies. Now, you’re rocking.

Select Soundbar with Enough Channels

This can be the difference between a good and a great movie. With many options on the market, you want a soundbar with enough speaker channels. The more the channels, the better your audio quality.

The next time you get a soundbar, check the packaging for the number of speaker channels. This is usually written as two numbers separated by a dot. For example, a 2.1 soundbar means there are two channels and now a subwoofer.

You are looking for a soundbar with a higher channel number, especially for bigger rooms.

Any of these options will improve the audio coming from your device.

What is Auto Volume on the LG soundbar?

Do you experience changing volume levels when you watch TV? The chances are that the “Auto Volume” function is on. This feature automatically adjusts your volume so that it remains constant across channels. It also prevents any sudden audio spikes.

If you want more control, turn off this feature within TV settings.

Why LG soundbar volume goes down by itself?

There are a few reasons why the volume of your LG soundbar suddenly goes down during a movie. It can be that your device needs an update or your remote needs cleaning. There may be a setting interfering with your volume levels in other cases.

The first thing to do is try cleaning the remote with isopropyl alcohol. If the problem remains, update the device to the latest firmware. Restore the factory settings on your TV and soundbar as a last resort.

Keep in mind that using a universal remote allows better control over the TV and soundbar.

Why LG soundbar volume goes up by itself?

If your soundbar audio goes up by itself, it’s not a ghost at work. It’s just some settings that need changing. Check if the Auto volume function is on. You can turn this off to manually turn up your volume.

If that isn’t the problem, consider a factory reset of your soundbar. You can also check if there are updates that need installing.

Again, having a single universal remote for both devices is the best option. To do this, turn the TV volume all the way up and use your soundbar remote to regulate volume levels.


It sucks when your TV or soundbar won’t go as loud as you want. Thankfully, there are many solutions to this problem. The above guides will help fix the issue of enjoying any movie or music with the highest volume.

Keep in mind that you can always contact LG support for extra assistance.

Anita Jones