How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Without Remote? [Complete Guide]

Have you got a Samsung soundbar? If so, we’re pretty sure that you can vouch for its functionality and peak performance. But if you’re having trouble wiping out your Samsung soundbar with no remote control, then we have enough information to share with you in this regard. 

Soundbars are specifically designed for those who aren’t content with their television’s standard and traditional audio quality. They truly bring your viewing experience to life, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies with an immersive surround sound soundtrack.

However, just because you installed a soundbar doesn’t mean it’s ready for use. You will frequently encounter issues with your audio equipment, sometimes so severe that you need to reset it. We understand that this may seem bad news, but if your soundbar isn’t connecting or has difficulty pairing with your devices seamlessly, you will have to reset it without hesitation.

Things Keep In Mind When Resetting the Samsung Soundbar

Knowing how to reset your soundbar will help you save money. You will not need professional assistance, and your soundbar will be operational without delay. 

People usually tend to jump to conclusions when they notice something wrong with audio equipment they’re unfamiliar with. However, if you do this, you will most likely cause more damage to your soundbar than it already has.

Here are things to keep in mind when resetting your Samsung soundbar:

  • There has been no hardware damage. Soundbars frequently experience pairing issues that are not caused by hardware damage. You’re mistaken if you think there is something wrong with the physical aspect of your device.
  • If your soundbar does not restart after resetting, your TV and soundbar may require a software upgrade. Now and then, software updates are released for electronic devices. However, you must be cautious when updating them because this could be one of the causes of their malfunction.
  • If your soundbar is still not pairing with your TV, try connecting it to another TV or connecting another soundbar to your television. It will reveal whether the problem is with the TV or the soundbar.
  • When the soundbar does not pair with the home entertainment system, pair your smart devices to it. This will indicate whether or not the soundbar’s Bluetooth is operational.

Generally, when the soundbar loses connectivity, you’ll feel the need to reset it. This is because not only do Samsung soundbars have problems pairing with other devices, but so do Bose and Vizio soundbars. So, for example, if you connect the soundbar to more than one device simultaneously, you may encounter problems reconnecting it to your TV.

When you connect an audio device to multiple configuration devices simultaneously, settings become entwined, and the soundbar has difficulty escaping the conflict. A factory reset will assist you in storing the soundbar in its original format in this case. However, you will also need to consider proper resetting between the TV and the soundbar to work properly.

What Are The Reasons, Why You Need To Reset The Samsung Soundbar?

When they notice their soundbar isn’t working, most people don’t know what’s wrong. Their first thought is that something has seriously damaged the soundbar, and they will need to contact Samsung’s customer service. Another thing to remember is that a warranty claim does not cover a software malfunction.

However, trust us when we say that you will most likely not have to go through the lengthy process of staying in line on a Samsung customer service support line. You only need to reset your soundbar to be ready to go.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to reset your Samsung soundbar.

1. If your soundbar is not working: By resetting it, you make sure that you’re starting over with a clean slate as there can be many minor issues that might occur. For example, if you’ve recently installed a new app or updated something on your TV and found that your soundbar stopped working, which is why you need to reset it to troubleshoot further problems; You need to make sure that it works once again before addressing other potential problems.

2. If your soundbar is giving you issues with its connection: For instance, if you’re trying to connect it to your Bluetooth and it’s not working because it’s constantly disconnecting or having problems getting it connected to your WiFi network or any other related problems. In such cases, you can solve most of these minor technical problems that might be causing issues with your soundbar by resetting it.

3. If your soundbar is not responding to your remote or TV controls: In such a case, by resetting it, you can solve those problems and make sure that everything is working as it should be once again. You to press and hold down on all of its buttons until it turns off and then turn it back on and see if there’s any improvement in functionality.

4. If your soundbar is having trouble finding a TV channel: There’s no need to reset your soundbar if it does not find any channels because usually, there are things that you can do to fix it on your own, but you might need to take more drastic measures like unplugging and plugging it back into power or even re-scanning for channels if nothing else seems to work.

5. If your soundbar is having trouble pairing with other devices: For example, if you’re trying to connect it to your TV or Blu-ray player and are having issues getting it to pair or even finding a particular setting for that, in such cases, by resetting it, you can make sure that everything works as intended once again.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar without Remote?

You might think there’s no way to reset your Samsung soundbar without a remote, but trust us when we say there’s nothing to worry about, and it’s a simple process. You can reset your soundbar without using a remote in three different methods.

Method 1

Step 1: Ensure that your remote is in pairing mode. Press and hold all four arrow buttons for 5 seconds until you see an amber light flash quickly followed by a red light flash slowly. Once you have done that, release all of the buttons on your remote and automatically wait for it to pair with your soundbar. The controller must be in pairing mode to pair with the soundbar automatically. If your remote does not enter into pairing mode, you can manually reset your soundbar instead.

Step 2: Ensure that your soundbar is on and turned up to a reasonable volume. Then, using your soundbar remote, press and hold VOL +/- buttons until you see an amber light flash quickly followed by a red light flash slowly. This action will initiate a factory reset of your soundbar; it will begin by playing all static sounds (very high-pitched sounds), which are annoying but harmless.

Step 3: Wait until you see an amber light flash quickly followed by a red light flash slowly. The soundbar will now be reset to factory settings and return to its state when you open its box. If it doesn’t begin resetting itself automatically, press the VOL + or VOL – button once to complete it.

Step 4: Once reset, your soundbar will turn off and go into pairing mode. Turn it back on using its remote control. Next, use a different remote to re-register with your soundbar, and that should do it!

Step 5: Your soundbar is now reset and will restart back to its factory settings, which you can then customize as desired. So that’s how you reset your Samsung soundbar without a remote; it’s an easy process, but you need to make sure that your remote is in pairing mode beforehand. 

Method 2

You can also reset your soundbar without using a remote in using the three different simple ways outlined.

  • Press and hold the “Input” and “Bluetooth” buttons on the soundbar strip for 10 seconds. The soundbar will reset once you let go.
  • Press and hold the “ON/OFF” and “Bluetooth” buttons together for several seconds. The soundbar will be reset after you release the button.
  • Hold down the “On/Off” and “Volume down” buttons together for ten seconds. If none of the other techniques have worked, this will undoubtedly reset the soundbar.

Wrap Up

We trust that by providing you with this information, you will reset your soundbar and begin using it again.

If none of the above techniques works, you can always contact Samsung’s customer service for further assistance. There is a huge support staff on hand to help you. It may take some time, but you will receive an answer and instructions on resetting your soundbar.

Anita Jones