Why My Sony Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out? [5 Possible Reasons]

Sony has been making home theater sound systems for more than 60 years and is still the industry giant in this space. Its products are highly regarded for their quality.

The company has had an on-again, off-again relationship with the Dolby line of high-end audio products. In the early 2000s, it acquired the Dolby brand and merged it with its systems. The company dropped the brand name, and the Dolby name was retired.

In fact, many of the soundbars and speakers made by Sony have excellent sound quality. Customers love Sony’s sound systems so much that they are willing to spend more on Sony products than any other brand.

However, the soundbars may experience some issues after some time of use, such as poor sound quality or full cutouts. You may be wondering, ‘why does my sony soundbar keep cutting out?”

In this guide, I will share some troubleshooting steps and possible fixes for what may be causing your soundbar to cut out.

Causes of Sound Bar Cutting Out

Getting a sony soundbar may be the best decision you will ever make. It is a beautiful gift that will enhance any home. However, you may experience some trouble with your Sony soundbar; the best thing is to do some investigation and try some troubleshooting before it is fixed.

The following are the primary causes of cutting out while using Sony soundbars.

Faulty Connection

A faulty connection is the leading cause of Sony soundbars cutting out while playing. If the connection is defective, you may not receive any signal at all, or the signal may be so low that it cannot be processed.

If you spot any connection defect, try as much as possible to seek the help of a technician.

Software Malfunction

In making the sony soundbar, a lot of effort and expertise has been put into creating a product that is easy to use and sounds fantastic. The software may contain glitches and bugs, and sometimes it may contain glitches.

Dead Receiver

Detecting if the receiver has died is not as easy as it sounds; it is best to contact a service technician to look over your unit and see if it is the receiver.

Actually, this defect is untraceable. All you can do is contact the manufacturer, Sony in this case, and ask them for help.

Old Components

If you find your gadget malfunctioning, you will have to replace it altogether. Indeed this is why you should know all the components working in the unit.

Things get old and break, including electronics. The components in the Sony soundbar may fail sooner than expected, and in this case, you may require a professional to fix the unit. And don’t take anything lightly; even the tiniest component may play a role in the failure.

The capacitors and inductors are some of the components that wear out before the others. They are also significant in the soundbar, and in case they fail to function correctly, the unit may have a total failure.

Be on the lookout to detect worn-out components by regularly checking them.

Bluetooth Interference

Most of these wireless Sony soundbars are Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications protocol in which one device can exchange information with another device through a cable or wirelessly. Bluetooth is currently considered a low-power, short-range wireless technology.

The interference is caused by the other Bluetooth devices in the area. When these devices are close to your system, you will find them not to work properly. Ensure you have removed all other Bluetooth devices and check if it still has interference.

The bandwidth of the Bluetooth is limited. You will not get a perfect soundbar performance if you use it in a room with other devices. Most of the noise will be transmitted from these other devices, and the soundbar will not capture the signal correctly.

Troubleshooting Soundbar Cutting out

You don’t have to necessarily seek a service technician. You can try some of the following troubleshooting steps. However, this is not guaranteed to work.

Step 1

The first step is to try different settings using the remote. It may not be a wonder if you find out it was an error in the soundbar setting.

Step 2

If the first step ain’t the solution, then your soundbar has a technical hitch of some sort. If the problem is simple, the good old troubleshooting method will work.

This method entails testing each soundbar component, ensuring that it works correctly.

By testing these components, you can determine if the problem is simple or complex. 

Step 3

You have found the components with defects; now, you need to decide what must be done.

It is upon you to decide if your component is repairable or must be replaced.

How to Prevent Cutting out In Sony Soundbar

Prevention at times is better than cure. Do some research and find any possible solutions before you experience the problem.

Below are some common ways to prevent Sony soundbar from cutting out.

Keep Your Music at a Lower Volume

Loud music may be enjoyable, but do you know it can cause the soundbar to cut out? Therefore, when listening to music, ensure the volume is not too high.

The capacitors are so delicate that they may get damaged if the soundbar is subjected to excessive vibration.

Regularly Check the Connection

Checking the speaker wires is one of the simplest ways to fix this sound problem. A wire that has become frayed or damaged can cause an interruption in the sounds coming out of your Sony soundbar. Check all wires attached to both the speakers and the soundbar. You can do this by turning off your system and disconnecting cables from their ports. Then, turn your system back on and see if it solved your issue.

Avoid Moving the Soundbar Regularly

To prevent the soundbar from cutting out, make sure that you do not move it too often. Moving the soundbar causes the parts of the device to become loose, which is one reason for the unit’s poor performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I charge the Sony Soundbar?

When you plug the power cord into the soundbar and turn it on, the Sony system will take around 40 seconds to start charging. The soundbar will indicate when it is fully charged by turning off.

My volume is not adjustable. How do I fix it?

Before correcting, it’s essential to know why this is happening so you can determine the best solution. Often, a factory reset will resolve this issue by refreshing your soundbar’s software. 

How do I connect my Sony Soundbar to my television?

Your Sony soundbar can be connected to your TV in several ways. The best way is usually with an HDMI cable that uses ARC or an audio return channel, allowing high-quality audio to pass through the cable. You can also connect using optical cables or Bluetooth if your television supports it.

Prevent your Soundbar from cutting out today!

A soundbar is a powerful speaker that creates a surround sound experience. It is unfortunate when it cuts out and has distorted noises. Fortunately, there are several fixes to this problem. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Why does my Sony soundbar keep cutting out?” We have helped you answer that question. Also, we have taken you through all of the possible solutions so you can get your soundbar back to

100% performance in no time.

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