Fix A TV With No Sound But Picture – Not Muted

It can be annoying when you turn your TV on, and see the image, but there is no sound coming out of the TV. Typically, you can solve this issue yourself, as long as it isn’t a hardware issue.

Generally, you should be able to solve the issue of no sound in just a couple of minutes. This doesn’t matter what brand or make of TV that you own. 

Obviously, the first thing you should check is if your TV is muted. Then when you are certain that your TV isn’t muted, but you can see an image on the screen, the issues may be something to do with the settings of the TV.

In this article, we will be discussing things you can do to fix your TV when you notice that you have a picture, but there is no sound and your TV isn’t muted. 

Fix A TV With No Sound But Picture - Not Muted

Reasons Why There May Be A Picture But No Sound

When we are referring to TV, this can include any brand of TV including Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, and LG to name a few.

There are many reasons why you may be seeing an image on your TV, but there is no sound coming out. Trying to work out what the issue is can be difficult, yet once you find the issue, the solution is normally very easy.

The majority of issues can normally be fixed by yourself, however, if you can’t fix the issues yourself. Then this is the time when you should go and seek professional help for your brand of TV. 

Below we have put together a couple of the causes of this issue. Some of these may sound obvious, but it is worth mentioning them, so that all bases are covered.

You would also be surprised how many people may check the actual volume on their TV and just panic that they have lost their sound. These include the following: 

  • You have muted the TV.
  • Volume has been turned too low down. 
  • A reboot is pending. 
  • Secondary Audio Protocol has been set on your TV.
  • Input on your TV audio has been changed. 
  • The channel you are trying to view doesn’t have audio.
  • Headphones might be connected to the TV.
  • One of the connection cables may have disconnected or become loose.
  • Built-in speakers on the TV may have become damaged. 
  • Parts within the main board could have become damaged.
  • Signal source is damaged.
  • Software of the TV has become outdated. 
  • Corrupted settings within your TV.

These are just a handful of the reasons why your TV may have an image but no sound coming out of your TV is coming out. Now we will go into some possible solutions for these causes of this issue. 

Your TV Has An Image But No Sound Solutions

Your TV Has An Image But No Sound Solutions

Now that we have gone through some reasons as to why your TV may be producing an image but no sound, it’s time to find some solutions. 

Finding the cause of the issue is more difficult, than solving the issue itself. 

Check Your Mute Button

When you notice that your TV isn’t producing any sound, the first thing you should check is the mute button. It is known that this button can disable all the sound that should come from your TV. Hence, it is important that this setting hasn’t been activated. 

In some cases, another person can cause your TV to mute the sound. As a result, it is important to just double-check that someone hasn’t pressed mute by accident. 

Turn The Volume Up

Sometimes, the volume on your TV may have been turned down very low or to zero, so you cannot hear any sounds coming out of the TV.

Therefore, if the TV isn’t muted, then you should check the speaker’s volume on the TV. You want to see what level the speakers are on, they should be on a high enough level so that you can hear the sound from the TV.

Try A Reboot

Sometimes switching it on and off can fix everything. Occasionally, the gears within the TV need to be rebooted now and then, so that everything keeps running smoothly. 

For the majority of electrical products, a reboot will always work. It acts like a reset and can solve many issues. If there is a temporary issue, then can completely reboot it normally and fix that issue. 

Check The Secondary Audio Protocol

If someone the speakers to your TV has been set to the SAP (Secondary Audio Protocol), then you will not get any sound out of your TV. Therefore, it’s best to go into the settings of your TV and check where your speakers have been set to. 

Check The Audio Input Settings

It is quite common for someone to change the audio input on your TV by accident. For instance, if someone, holding the TV remote in their hand, accidentally presses the AUX button without realizing.

This can cause the audio input setting to be changed to the AUX setting. Even when there is no device actually connected. 

Therefore, the sound will be connected to a device that isn’t there and not connected to the TV. It’s a simple mistake, so it’s always worth checking the audio input settings on your TV. 

TV Channel Issues

The no sound issue may not be your TV’s fault at all, but instead the channel you are trying to watch is having a problem. Occasionally there will be transmission issues and the channel you are trying to watch fails to get sound for that channel. 

Hence, to see if this is an issue, change the channel to see if you get sound from a different channel. However, if you don’t hear any sound on any channel, then the issue is on your side. 

Headphones Connected

Double check that there are no headphones connected to your TV. Also be aware if any wireless headphones are connected as well.

Either take the headphones out of the headphone jack/port or look at the settings and change them, if this is the issue here. 

Connection Cable Issues

Occasionally, unplugging and replugging connection cables in and out can damage these cables. They can start to become disconnected or loose. Even just by moving the TV, you can disconnect or loosen the cables. Which can cause no sound coming from your TV. 

The best thing to do is make sure all the cables are plugged in properly and connected properly. You may have noticed that one of the cables is damaged. In this case, you should replace the cable immediately. 

Resetting Your TV

Sometimes we change the TV settings and this causes a lot of issues. Especially since some settings change, and we don’t fully understand what they are or what we have done.

Sometimes going to the factory settings in your TV and resetting it back to the default settings. You don’t run the risk of erasing all the data on your TV. However, sometimes it’s the only way to restore all your settings to how they should be, including the sound.

This should hopefully solve the issues, but not always. If the issue still occurs, then at least you know it isn’t due to the settings. For resetting your TV, you should press and hold the menu button on your remote control for around 10 seconds.

This should cause the restore tab to open then. You should then go onto follow the instructions on the screen to complete the rest procedure. 

The TV Software Needs An Update

It is known that if some software is outdated on the TV, this can cause sound issues on a couple or all the TV channels. Hence, you should look at the software version your TV is using at the time. You can do this by looking over the manual that came with the TV.

You may need to see if there are any software updates available. There may be updates available which you are required to update as soon as you can.

Normally, software is updated automatically, especially if the TV is connected to an internet source. Yet, you can update the software on your TV manually using a USB drive as well. 

External Speakers

If you are using external speakers, then you should make sure that everything is connected properly. Also, you should double-check that the settings for the output on your TV is to the external speakers as well. 

The In-Built TV Speakers Are Damaged

You may notice that you are getting sound from the external speakers, but not from any speakers that are built into the TV. This is a sign that the in-built TV speakers are damaged in some way. This damage may be due to circuits within the TV having become damaged. 

Signal Source

You may be suffering with a weak signal strength, this is a major issue when it comes to having no sound from your TV. To have sound, the signal strength should be more than 20db.

You can check the signal by looking at the settings of the TV. They go into support, and then self diagnosis, and then finally check the information around the signal. 

Elements Of The Mainboard Are Damaged

The main part of the TV can go by the name mainboard or motherboard. If any part of this becomes damaged, this can cause your TV to not function properly. With this issue, you cannot fix it yourself as you could cause more problems. Therefore, it’s best to contact a professional. 


There are a lot of reasons that may be causing your TV to have a picture but no sound. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what is causing the issue. Yet once you find the cause the solution is typically ways to deal with it.

If you have followed all these steps but still can’t find the cause, then the best action is to phone a professional to find the issue.

Anita Jones