X-Mirror 3D

X-Mirror 3D

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  • Minimize the ghost image by optimization of 3D filter drive
  • Cooling system compatibility with 6kw high capacitance lamps
  • Simple installation with user-orientated design
  • Compatible with all kinds of digital cinema projectors
  • Compatible with existing polarizing glasses


High-Definition by High Penetration Ratio

X-mirror offers high-definition 3D with minimized ghost image through the optimized conversion speed for 3D filter and high penetration ratio.

Certified by Hollywood Studio

X-mirror is registered as a ‘3D System’ by Hollywood studio which has the highests authority in 2D digital and 3D system.

18 Meters of Maximum Screen Size

X-mirror can show the 3D movies on a large screen (use 6kw lamp, silver screen gain 2.4).